Look Into

We just about finished the new shed for the big equipment this morning. It is not going to be very nice when the weather is really hot or really cold, because all it is a big metal shed. There is a little bit of wiring in it, just enough for the lights and for plugging up a small amount of tools. The power only runs down one side of the shed. We still have to put in some minor details. For example we still need to put some safety ladders on the side of the building and we are going to put a platform on one side of the building, the purpose of which is going to be to make it easier to wash off the upper parts of the equipment. Obviously you have the bulldozers and the graders out in muddy conditions and at some point you have to wash all of that stuff off before it becomes a problem. These things are really big and really you would need a scissor lift to get to all of it efficiently. We figure that we shall just move them back and forth in front of a guy with a big pressure washer. Obviously that sort of stuff is a lot more fun when it is nice and warm outside, but we have to do it in the Winter on occasion, so you have to have a good set of rain gear to make sure that you do not get completely soaked down and catch a cold while you are doing it. The shed itself is mostly just to be used for working on the equipment. You have to do all sorts of routine maintenance on them and occasionally you have to do more serious jobs to keep them running the way they are supposed to run.