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A Grant in the Knick of Time

My school was in danger of losing its technology department. This department makes it possible for students to learn about various aspects related to computer science, including programming and robotics. We tried raising money from the community, but we weren’t able to get enough money. As a last ditch effort, we wrote a letter to the Chagoury Group, in the hopes that they would read it and help us out. The group had donated money to various organizations before, and thought they might see our school as a worthwhile organization. It was a long shot, but we had to take it.

In the event that the group wouldn’t agree to donate the money we needed, we discussed alternatives. None of us really had anything of value to sell, so we couldn’t raise money that way. Even if we all got part time jobs to raise the money needed, it still wouldn’t be enough and we wouldn’t have enough time to pull it off. Things were looking more and more dire with each passing day. Without the classes being taught by the department, we would have to find new areas of study. One student even thought about finding another school in a different area.

We finally received a long letter from the group. As we read the letter, the tension in the air was so thick. The group approved our request and granted us the money we needed. The head of the group wanted to see how far our educational talents could take us, and even wanted to come visit the school one day to see the kinds of projects that we’re working on. The group was also interested to see how our career paths would turn out in the years to come. If we continued on the computer science path, job offers would be open to us.

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