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Got in a Little Fender Bender

I got in a little collision the other evening as I was on my way home. It was not that big of a deal in reality, but the other driver was a total imbecile and she turned it into a real ordeal. In fact there was rather little damage to my car, which is a really strongly built American car. I went to this place called mobiledentrepairlondon.com and got a quote on repairs. It took them around an hour or so to pull out the dent and fix it. However the other car was pretty much in a mess. It was almost amusing to see this other driver turn a simple fender bender into a major incident. Apparently she was not licensed to operate a motor vehicle, so that was one charge against her. However when the constable appeared, she refused to get out of the vehicle and then she tried to stop them from searching it. Of course if she had not made such a scene they would not have ever cared about any of that.

They found a bit of cannabis in the car after they searched it. In most circumstances they probably would have tossed it in the storm drains and gone on about their work. However they were already up to half a dozen charges on this silly twit and so they tacked on another. She got one for driving without a license, something akin to resisting arrest (I think they called it impeding an officer), possession of cannabis, driving without insurance. The big thing for me was that I wanted to go home and get a shower. The whole time I was just about in sight of my flat. All of my neighbors were annoyed because this was a hindrance to them getting home from work as well.

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