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I Found a Better Job

Of course the thing is that I was not really looking for a job, but about nine months ago I went to a Bristol recruitment agency and signed up there. They never really got back to me back then and I found a place that was close to what I wanted to get involved in. It is not what I wanted, or exactly what I have been trained for, but you often do not get exactly what you want in life and I have bills that I have to pay. That was almost five months ago and obviously I did not want to spend those five months looking for exactly what I wanted, but then about two weeks ago they got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to go interview for this other job. It was a little awkward to be honest, since my boss was literally five feet away at the time and he was talking about something that was really important to him.

At any rate I have not been sneaking around, not after I figured out that this is a significantly better paying job and it has a lot more potential as a career. It is a place where they need people with the skills that I have and if you are good, then you have the chance to advance a lot. My boss was pretty obviously not happy about it, but he knows that people act in their own interest and he knows that he is not going to pay me what this other place will. So he is going to act like it is all okay with him and I am going to try to get the other job if it is or it is not alright with him because that is best for me.

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