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My Daughter Has Shown Me Just How Smart and Determined She is

My husband and I have always been into sports. We like to play basketball, golf, tennis and a variety of other things. We used to joke that our daughter would probably be born with a golf club or tennis racket in her hand. But interestingly enough, she has never cared for either. She has always had a great love for horses, though. Last week, I told her how proud of her I am as I was buying equine competition wear for her to wear to an upcoming competition. She excels at it and often wins first, second or third place. We are proud of her, and she is her own person with her own personality and likes.

Both my husband and I were born into homes where sports were very popular with our own parents. My husband said that his parents often pushed sports on him, but he didn’t mind because he loved participating. In my own parent’s home, sports were not pushed on me, but I took a natural interest in them afer I often saw how much fun my parents had while doing physical activities. Dad played golf. Mom played tennis. I ended up taking a very early interest in tennis and racquetball and played them both as often as I could.

I love that my daughter has strong interests of her own. She’s smart and she’s good at most things she tries. But her true passion is taking of and riding horses. She has already secured a job in another state working on a horse ranch. She will start out as a ranch hand, and she will go to school while she works there. She will be getting her veterinary degree with time. She plans to be a veterinarian for horses and cows! I have to say that I’m proud of her because I know that I would never make it as a vet. But she’s strong and smart.

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