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Our New Customer Service App is a Hit!

We wanted an app to connect our customers with staff. Our products are exclusive to niche buyers. We have extensive customer service available for our products. We wanted an app that would help our customers get the most out of the products they purchase from us. We planned to include a code inside the packaging that would be scanned by the user’s camera in the mobile device they have the app installed on. We used a company that does mobile app development in Singapore to help us make the app. The user scans the QR code with their product, and it opens up access in the app they are using to get direct audio or video customer support. Those who do not own a product yet can text questions.

Our product line is highly technical, and it is in much larger regular consumer use now. We used to make our living marketing only to professionals, but technology has progressed to the point that our products now have an appeal to regular residential consumers. Our professional commercial customers also get access to our customer service app, except that it opens up special accommodations for commercial users who have invested much more into our products and need immediate assistance around the clock. Our regular consumer customer service closes at 9 PM Eastern time.

The app is a real success. It has changed the way we interact with our customers. Just a year ago it was all by email, online chat or by phone. We were considering outsourcing phone support to a foreign company. We are glad we did not do that. Our in-house reps are using the smoothness of the app to quickly fix customer issues on the first contact. The call centers used to see repeat calls for the same thing, and that upped our daily call volume. Fixing it fast using experienced reps and our app has greatly cut down on repeat contact volume.

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