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The Embracing of Streaming Technology

When choosing a cable provider it’s important to compare providers in order to get the best possible savings on your bill. It’s kind of amusing – sometimes it might even be more clever to sign up for a cable package and then switch providers. Typically, the new provider will offer a package that’s less expensive than the current company you’re using. Still, if you’re interested in cable it might even be a better decision to start signing up for streaming services like Hulu. HBO isn’t far behind from offering its own streaming service through the HBO GO platform. While you currently have to have an HBO subscription through your cable provider, they’ve announced future plans for offering the service without the need of a cable service.

Showtime, not to be out done by HBO, has partnered up with Hulu to offer their own streaming service through the broadcast television streaming service. The progressive changes in business policy being made by these two entertainment provider giants show that the industry is ready to embrace streaming technology. The CEO of HBO famously remarked that, ‘Streaming is a fad.‘ when asked whether or not they would be offering their HBO Go service without a cable subscription – of course, this is no surprise to early adopters of streaming.

Thanks to the likes of Netflix financially backing the creation of the Roku device with Amazon and Apple quickly establishing their own streaming boxes, the technology is beginning to take shape beneath the wants and whims of the American consumer. Far too long have cable companies held a monopoly over entertainment broadcasting. With little to no competition between these giants the American people have suffered high costs and inflexible cable packages that offer no customization. Now, finally, we’re beginning to see the changes that have long been necessary to breathe life once more into this industry.

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