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Where Has All the Competition Gone

Satellite Internet isn’t much of a choice for those living in rural areas. I’ve only had Satellite ‘net through DirecTV but that experience was enough for me to not look for it ever again. I actually had to move out of the area that I was in just so I could have access to a better web experience. I feel for those that live in rural areas of America. Those of us in urban cities might complain about our limited choices; Comcast, Time Warner or what have you. They’re not great providers but they do provide a web experience that is far above and beyond the experience you can get in rural towns.

Dial-up is nearly always the only other choice for most people. Dial-up these days simply cannot get the job done. Web 2.0 has bloated the web. It’s fattened it and nearly all web developers design a website based around the assumption that the user is going to be accessing the web either through a digital broadband (or better) connection or mobile connections. Personally, I feel like that a consumer who lives in a rural area would almost be better off by having access to a mobile connection over any of the others.

4G speeds are comparable to broadband and you at least know what you’re getting when you order it. With satellite you’re going to be stuck with data caps – why pay that much for equipment and monthly subscription when you’re going to be saddled with a profoundly diminished web experience? With mobile connections you can still continue using the web at a throttled speed and with a provider like T-Mobile you at least retain a decent experience. It’s an unfortunate and perhaps uncomfortable reality that American consumers are often abused by Internet Service Providers due to a lack of competition in the industry.

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